• Project : Improved port efficiency and safety using a novel wireless network and differential global navigation satellite system providing enhanced vessel navigation
  • Acronym: DockingAssist
  • Type: FP7
  • Start date: 01/11/2011
  • End date: 31/10/2013
  • Website:

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DockingAssist creates a centralised, cost-effective, real-time, accurate vessel location and monitoring system, providing the necessary centimetre positioning/speed accuracy. This system provides efficient and safe manoeuvring within the entire navigation harbour zone enhancing vessel trajectory, and providing constant monitoring for moored/docked vessels.

The new accurate vessel location system enhancing port traffic management

The DockingAssist system is composed by two parts:

  • The harbour is equipped with a differential GNSS Base Station (DGPS/RTK), and a wireless technology offering a range of several kilometre so as to send the data corrections to the vessels, and receive real-time position, speed and heading data from them
  • A Portable Pilot Unit equipped on the ship side composed mainly of a DGPS receiver and wireless node to receive the indications from the harbour, thanks to the WiMAX Standard.
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The overall system was tested initially at Barcelona, and also at the Port of Cork, Ireland. During the demonstration the Base Station equipment was deployed at the Port operation station in Cobh. The Denis Murphy vessel was used as the demonstration vessel. All the demonstration scenarios were successfully performed according to the plans. Other vessels were also used during the project such as the small pilot ship Gleann Mor, and a big cargo ship of 100 meters of length.

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