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We provide business and technological excellence to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) to develop their ideas into profitable innovative solutions. Ateknea Solutions has offices in 6 different locations.

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CEO Europe - Brussels Office

As CEO Europe at Ateknea, Miklós oversees Ateknea’s 6 regional offices and staff.
He holds a number of Master´s degrees in business and engineering, including a MSc in Electricial Engineering (Majoring in power electronics and telecommunications), an International MBA from IE and completed several management and leadership programmes.
Prior to Ateknea, he worked for General Electric, Siemens and Daimler-Chrysler before taking up role as CEO Europe at Ateknea in August 2013.
Miklós speaks Hungarian, English, Spanish and German.



Managing Director - Barcelona Office

Josep has over 12 years’ experience in R&D projects. He specialises in electronics, telecommunications and computer science fields and is the author of two patents related to wireless technology.
He graduated in electronics and industrial engineering from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) and holds a Master´s degree from IESE Business School.
Josep was previously Ateknea’s Business Line Director before taking up his current role as Regional Director in August 2014.
He speaks Catalan, Spanish and English.



Managing Director - Valletta Office

David is Regional Director for Ateknea Malta. As an experienced Electronics Technician and Research Engineer at Ateknea, he has worked on automation systems, motor inverters, computer vision, embedded systems and software development applications.
He has a BSc in Computing and Information Systems and holds a Diploma in Industrial Electronics.
David speaks English, Maltese and some Italian.