• Miimetiq

    Multi-tenant IoT Platform Builder

    The most flexible, powerful, and scalable M2M development framework in the IoT market

    Machine-to-machine (M2M) is a broad label that can be used to describe any technology that enables networked devices to exchange information and perform actions without the manual assistance of humans. It forms the basis for the concept known as the Internet of Things (IoT). M2M communication is an important aspect of warehouse management, remote control, robotics, traffic control, logistic services, supply chain management, fleet management, and telemedicine.

    MIIMETIQ® is a cloud platform solution which provides the highest levels of scalability and security as well as a powerful set of tools with which customers can quickly build and deliver custom M2M / IoT applications for the most demanding requirements and integrate data into key enterprise applications and systems.


    Ateknea implemented software agents for a series of open hardware platforms, providing out-of-box experience for developers using the system for the first time. Our engineers developed an adaptive user interface using artificial intelligence techniques, developing two components: a Profile Module, to classify users through their past interactions with the system, and an Expert System, including a database with the set of rule and a rule engine.

    Finally, different functional, system, and end-to-end tests were carried out and complete documentation of MIIMETIQ ARCHITECT was prepared to open up the full potential of this application for developers.

  • Hövding

    Airbag bicycle helmet based on one-piece woven technology

    Cycling is a crucial mode of transport in the fight to make transport sustainable: cycling is energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and very suitable for short distances. However, the use of helmets is not widely accepted by urban cyclists due to practical reasons: they are uncomfortable, cumbersome to carry around, create sweat, and ruin personal style.

    Hövding represents head protection for cyclists unlike any other product on the market – an airbag for cyclists. Compared with traditional helmets, it has more than three times better shock absorbance, can withstand multiple impacts in one accident, reduces head rotation, provides a much larger protection area and stabilizes the head and neck in an accident.


    Ateknea developed an Android/iOS ready mobile APP responsible for an alarm raising system in case of an accident, a secure relay of motion data reports to the server (with user consent) regarding accident-related and ‘normal cycling period’-related data, and automatic firmware and software updates.

    This included developing an emergency communication protocol, creating the necessary cloud infrastructure to store and manage Big Data for the implementation of the web services, and adding connectivity to the shell to retrieve the information to be relayed to the Smartphone through a Bluetooth Low Energy module.

    Finally, Ateknea ensured the functionality and stability of the system through testing and integration into a final software prototype.

  • WIDGET 3.0

    An online tool to crowdfund NGO and Charity projects through the booming e-commerce market

    People donating money to NGOs is plunging sharply. This hinders NGOs from carrying out vital humanitarian, developmental, and environmental projects. In response to this situation, Worldcoo set its goal to revolutionise crowdfunding cooperation in e-commerce and e-banking to reverse this trend and deliver significant, positive social impact.

    With Widget 2.0, Worldcoo helped NGOs raise crucial funds through a “click” tool that offers a value-added service to all stakeholders: awareness and private donations to NGOs, a modus operandi for auditable and transparent Corporate Social Reasonability (CSR) for e-retailers, and e-banking and transparency and unique donor engagement for e-shoppers. Widget 3.0 allowed access to 100% of the e-retailing market, e-banking and beyond: billing, payment systems, and vending solutions.


    As part of this project, Ateknea’s Software Department developed three modules:

    • A Data Warehouse system that captures, pre-processes, and stores all the activity of the platform.
    • A Business Intelligence system that optimizes the ratio of transactions that end in donations, recommending projects, amounts, and visualizations based on the buyer’s profile.
    • An SDK that allows a third party to integrate the Widget 3.0 system into their mobile applications.
  • Lightkey

    Providing secure mobile access solutions through visible light communication

    The Visible Light Communication solution, LightKey, provides secure mobile access through photonics without any of the drawbacks of the currently available mobile access solutions. It can be used on any mobile device as mobile phones already have the required hardware component (the LED in a mobile’s flashlight).


    We develop:

    • An Electronic Door Lock module that permits the reception of the VLC and allows users to open their doors.
    • A standalone device to send master Lightkeys.
    • A mobile app (for Android and iOS) that sends the Lightkeys to the module.
    • A security concept implemented in the server to manage the Lightkeys of each user, connected both to the mobile app and to the door lock.

    The Greenest Tissue Paper in the World

    LC Paper is a family business committed to developing technology in the tissue manufacturing sector to meet the needs of today’s customers and society and create environmentally sustainable products.

    OnePly is a monolayer tissue which reduces the need for raw materials, energy, and water. Unlike conventional tissue papers with two or three layers, this product is designed with a single ply. A re-engineering of the tissue paper manufacturing process has allowed an energetic consumption of 1,350 kWh/Ton and a water consumption of 2.5 m3/Ton, numbers that are unheard of in the tissue sector. The OnePly tissue offers the possibility to develop hygiene products at a 30% lower cost than conventional products, with PREMIUM characteristics and the best possible environmental life cycle.


    Machine drawings in 3D format and electrical project: Ateknea provided all the electrical project wiring, the integrated equipment, electrical sizing calculations, 2D wiring diagrams and safety systems installation.

    Construction, optimisation, and commissioning of the creping and embossing: Linked to the whole unit, the concrete manoeuvre and control systems associated with embossing were designed and deployed. A stand-alone commissioning was carried out.

    Continuous operation and Life Cycle Assessment: Ateknea conducted several tests to verify technical performance following end-user feedback, achieving the desired final product characteristics. Also, a careful analysis of the energy consumption was delivered at the end of the project, based on an LCA.


    Accurate Low-cost AI Transportation Information Platform

    Transforming cellular network data into the next generation of mobility management platform

    Transportation authorities use real-time traffic data for everyday urban transport management, and analyse commuters’ origin and destination points for infrastructure and transit planning. However, intelligent transport systems that provide real-time data cost millions of euros for road sensor deployment.

    TrafficWise is the first holistic, low-cost, highly accurate transportation information platform in the world. Cellint uses Artificial Intelligence algorithms to process cellular network location data for optimized transportation management. Their patented technology tracks phones on a mobile network passively and anonymously, pinpointing their locations on any mode of transportation. The result is a virtual sensor network that provides real-time sensor-quality traffic data at a fraction of the cost of sensor systems.


    Ateknea has developed a desktop application that allows an anonymous form in which are the necks of a bottle of cities, in terms of mobility, to analyse and find an efficient solution.

    The application is divided into three modules, of which two of them are complementary.

    The first module allows to see in real time or in the traffic conditions. This translates into hours and at what points there is an increase in the use of the private vehicle to offer solutions that go by increasing the public transport service.

    Of the two remaining modules, the second uses an algorithm that tests an entire area of the world map where a set of telecommunications antennas are installed. Subsequently, a set of points or areas of interest is defined on the map that, in conjunction with the tiled map, generate a set of areas that can be used in the third and last module.

    The third module is fed by the information generated by the aforementioned module and allows for analyse flows of people on specific areas of the map for a specific moment. Thus, it is possible to analyse different types of cases, such as, for example, which zones as people come to attend a particular event or where people who are in a traffic jam come from.


    Wind Farm Operational Monitoring Software

    Low cost cloud monitoring for the diagnosis and prognosis of wind turbines

    Each year, the wind sector is missing out on huge profits due to wind turbine failures worth about €200 million in Spain, €700 million in Europe, and €2.9 billion globally. Taking operation costs into account, these losses are actually triple. The only way for wind farm operators, maintenance companies, financial institutions, insurance companies, and investors to remain profitable is to improve maintenance and operation processes.

    Smartive is a company whose aim is to develop cloud-based software tools in order to improve the productivity of wind farms. This can be achieved based on newly available diagnosis and prognosis tools that allow the detection of anomalous operations by effectively programming preventive and corrective maintenance operations, thus increasing the productivity of wind farms.


    Electronic specifications: Ateknea and SMARTIVE collaborated to define the specifications of the conditioning, communications and acoustic emission sensor modules. Starting  from a commercial  model, Ateknea developed a stand-alone acquisition, storage and communications module for the acoustic emission sensor, and a stable, high-speed and high bandwidth network system was developed to be implemented in each wind farm which purchases the CLOUD DIAGNOSIS system.

    Backend development was carried out to ensure the communication between the different modules was smooth and without problems and the necessary modifications in the hardware and firmware of the conditioning modules to accomplish the requirements of the necessary pre-certification normatives were put in place.


    Enabling LED lighting within the Internet of Things

    The project:

    ELLIOT is based on a family of products that includes: a light source able to record, process, and play back any light spectral fingerprint in real-time, regardless of whether it is natural, artificial, or custom-made. ELLIOT’s Phase 2 goal was to develop an ecosystem of interconnected and standardized products for the mass-market, allowing for 44% of additional energy savings and quadruple payback compared to the latest LED.

    Our work:

    • Design of the communications units: Ateknea designed and developed a set of communication options in separate small modules connected to the LED modules.
    • Cloud Software Development: Ateknea developed the cloud platform that allows users to join the LEDMOTIVE community, remotely control the LED lamps, and manage all possible configurations related to them.
  • SaferACC

    An Efficient and Harmless Plant Growth Regulator for Fruit/Vegetable Ripening

    The project: 

    Ethylene is a natural plant hormone that plays a key role in the ripening process of vegetables and fruits, since it is the precursor of the response that induces and regulates all the physiological changes during maturation. In order to apply ethylene to plants in fields, a liquid ethylene-releasing compound must be used. However, the most widely used option, Ethepon, is a harmful substance recently legally regulated by the EU and US.

    As a result, JustGlobal has developed and optimized the synthesis path of 1-Aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid (ACC), a plant growth regulator alternative to Ethephon. ACC is an ethylene-releaser bioinspired by the self-produced ethylene synthesis cycle in plants that is an innovative, efficient, harmless options for artificial ripening.

    Our work:

    Ateknea worked on several aspects of the technical development of the project, specifically from the engineering development and design of the ACC production pilot plant. The initial activities were focused on the gathering of technical specifications for the obtaining process, taking into consideration all variables to control for the scaled up ACC production.

    After all specifications were defined, Ateknea developed the P&ID and the Bill of Materials for mechanical, electrical and automation components and equipment.

    In addition, Ateknea performed the assembly of the pilot plant, as well as testing and start-up.

    Aquaporin-Inside™ Membranes for Brackish water Reverse Osmosis Application

    The Project:

    Water desalination processes are still expensive, energy intensive and commonly pose great negative impacts on ecosystems. Also, brackish water is water that has higher salinity than fresh water (more than 0.05%) and lower than seawater (less than 3%). Aquaporin has acknowledged this huge business opportunity and has developed a ground-breaking biomimetic technology to separate and purify water from other compounds based on nature’s own principles: Aquaporin water channel proteins. This technology will disrupt the current Reverse Osmosis technology, making it more energy- and water-efficient as well as more sustainable and cost-effective.

    Our work:

    Ateknea generated several computational 3D meshes for various spiral wound geometries in order to carry out CDF simulations. In the following tests, Ateknea characterized the membrane flux and rejection rates and the system’s durability within different operating conditions. As well as the Electrical Design and a User’s Manual, Ateknea carried out a full Life Cycle Assessment, analysing the environmental impact of Aquaporin Inside™ BWRO membranes  solutions.


    Green electricity from plants’ photosynthesis

    The project:

    BIOO Panel exploits the Plant-Microbial Fuel Cell (PMFC), which is characterised by the fact that the generation of such electricity is done by means of anaerobic bacteriological synthesis of the organic matter produced during plants’ photosynthesis. This disruptive product is based on one of the latterly alternative energy sources proposed, Microbial Fuel Cells (MFC), which use special microorganisms’ properties in an anaerobic anode compartment for the production of bio-electricity.

    Our work:

    Ateknea worked to design and review the mechanical designs of the system, from 3D design of mechanical parts to mechanical structures for protecting and bearing prototypes, the integration of sensors and actuators, and the definition of the final automation device from the start of the project.

    The team also provided mechanical support on process prototypes for industrial processes, characterizing and selecting the instrumentation and sizing of the auxiliary equipment (sensors, analysers, valves, flowmeters…) and carried out a full Life Cycle assessment.


    Digitized food label for measuring actual product freshness

    The project:

    Roughly 1/3 of produced food is wasted globally. A significant amount of this waste is a result of inefficient logistics of food and perishables in general. In addition to the issue of food waste, the food industry around the globe is regularly hit by various food scandals, which are often caused by improper storage or logistics. For example, the cold chain is broken in transit by transportation companies trying to save costs by switching off refrigeration.

    Is it Fresh’s wireless sensor technology will enable affordable food freshness data on a single packaging unit scale. Every package will be able to report its freshness status for the product inside in real time. This will provide each partner in the food value chain with unique and wirelessly accessible data about product’s current freshness status as well as its origin and transport logs. It will also give the end customer a valuable insight into the freshness status of their food products.

    Our work:

    • Delivering the source code and deploying a working system for the monitoring tool.
    • Providing an integrated and working Visual Inspection Tool able to detect any defects in the printed tags that could exclude them from being functional. This can include holes in a layer, dust particles, discontinuities, etc. The Visual Inspection Tool will be able to decide whether the tags must be discarded due to detected errors or, if the errors affect a non-critical area, they can still be used.
  • CV4RE

    Computer Vision with an Eye for Real Estate

    The project:

    Restb.ai offers CV4RE, a computer vision API that scans real estate images and automatically returns, in real time, tags that classify the scene of the image (e.g. living room) and identifying features of interest are in each image (e.g. fireplace, hardwood floors). CV4RE identifies, tags, and describes properties in the same way real estate agents would, obtaining very high confidence scores.

    Our work:

    CV4RE — Fintech:  The exploitation platform module is dedicated to being the communication gateway between the achievement of a cloud platform for the tagging of images and videos. On the other hand by means of AI techniques (especially machine learning and Deep learning) an engine will be developed that will allow by means of natural language processing techniques to generate descriptions of real estate images.