Technological Innovation

Our engineers can optimise your product, service or system and draft a customised plan to bridge your innovation gaps.

Funding and Venturing

We can help secure non-refundable EU grants and investments to give you the financial backing for your business endeavours.

Business Development

Our business advisers and project managers can provide you with growth strategies to take your innovation plan to market.

Let us guide you towards innovation

Ateknea in a nutshell

Since 1997, Ateknea Solutions has been helping Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) across Europe to break down technological barriers and bridge innovation gaps to boost business and reach new markets.

With 6 offices throughout Europe, Ateknea can provide your company with a wide range of integrated services. From engineering services to business development to project management and marketing support, our services and expertise can drive your technological innovation to the next level.

Our highly-qualified business advisers can also recommend the best funding opportunities for your business including non-refundable EU grants for innovation activities.

  • Electronics

    Full product development from proof-of-concept to market-ready products, Product certifications (CE), V-model development process,  Design complete IoT and Connectivty Solutions , Embbeded Systems, Power electronics, Automotive and industrial products.

  • Software

    Development of complex and heterogenous software services and products. Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Data Analysis, Computer Vision. IoT Solutions, Web Applications, Microservices. Hybrid and Native Mobile Applications.

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  • Industrial Processes

    Product design and development, Manufacturing processes assessment, Product industrialisation, Rapid Prototyping, Commissioning & test support, Chemical, industrial & biological processes design and/or optimisation, Full industrial automation, Commissioning & test support, Evaluation and Analysis , Assessment for product development, Environmental impacts assessment, Industry 4.0 and Product design.

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Disruptive gazelles

Increasing their turnover year after year, gazelle companies are pushing the boundaries in business and firing up local, national and international economies.

Many gazelles have turned to technological innovation to disrupt the market they´re in or to tap into new and more profitable markets with their products, services or processes.

And here at Ateknea Solutions we help SMEs to do just that.

Ateknea achievements


Eurogan is a Spanish company with over 50 years’ experience in the design and development of modern livestock equipment for the agriculture and farming sector.

Thanks to Ateknea, Eurogan has been able to secure a million-euro grant (SME Instrument, Phase 2) to take their pig manure treatment process – Project Depurgan – to the market and boost their commercial opportunities.

Ateknea will also be assisting Eurogan in the mechanical design of the treatment plant and in the electrical, wiring, connecting and controlling devices for Project Depurgan.

Falcon Vision

Falcon-Vision Zrt is dedicated to quality and production control in the automotive sector.

Ateknea has helped Falcon Vision to submit a winning Phase 2 proposal enabling them to use EU funds to develop and bring to the market their QualiLine-C-2-0 solution for the automotive industry.

QualiLine-C-2.0 is a modular quality control systems with integrated machine vision to inspect casting and die-casting parts which currently are out of inspection or at low-level of quality-control to benefit the automotive industry. Ateknea will be providing key engineering support throughout the Project cycle.

Falcon Vision

Promaut is an electrical/mechanical engineering company specialized in automation, control and process surveillance solutions.

Promaut’s latest solution is SDO-MET (Metro Object Detection System) – a platform and track security system for automated trains.

Thanks to Ateknea’s support in the proposal writing, Promaut’s secured a financial grant from the SME Instrument to accelerate the project’s development. Ateknea will also be providing engineering and software services including the platform surveillance system specification, passenger behaviour modelling and analysis and testing and validation.

LC Paper

LC Paper is devoted to developing technology in the tissue manufacturing sector to meet the needs of today’s customers and society who are demanding more environmentally-sustainable products.

This family-owned company is now aiming to achieve new highs in tissue quality manufacturing and an 80% cut in energy consumption and a reduction in water usage in the manufacturing process.

With Ateknea’s support, LC Paper secured a Phase 2 SME Instrument grant to develop their new product for commercialisation. Ateknea will continue to be part of the project and has been tasked with supporting LC Paper in the electrical work needed for the project’s successful execution.

LC Paper
Hungaro Lux Light Ltd

Hungaro Lux Light’s mission, with over two decades of expertise in lighting installations and luminary development, is to create the most innovative and still cost-effective LED luminaires in the street lighting market.

Together with leading researchers, they have designed innovative LED lenses and covers optimised to the desired illumination pattern and the specific LED chip used. The result: 65% effectivity growth, more energy saving and durability compared to “classic” street lights on a comparable price- without compromise.

They are pioneers of modernizing street lighting LED technology in Europe. That’s why their development project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 683541.

Ateknea Solutions Hungary helped Hungaro Lux Light in gaining EU funding and has also contributed to R&D within the frameworks of this innovative project.

Hungaro Lux Light Ltd
Eu Edge Ltd

EU Edge Ltd. is specialized in high-quality, outsourced software development and process management consulting. The co-founder, Mr. Ákos Maróy is an active pilot and dedicated to trusted cutting edge software technology.

His project, Aero Glass won funds in the frame of Phase 2 of the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 program in cooperation with ATEKNEA.

The funds allow EU Edge to boost the development of Aero Glass and roll the product out on the European and US market.

AERO GLASS, the flagship project of EU Edge Ltd. is a disruptive technology for the aviation industry, relying on cutting edge augmented reality solutions. The product assists pilots in aerial navigation by visualizing instrument data and flight conditions on an augmented reality head-mounted display.

Ateknea provides key engineering and marketing support throughout the Project cycle.

Eu Edge Ltd
Zöldségcentrum Ltd

Our mission is to run a trading company in Makó and its area that copes with the competition increased with Hungary’s EU membership and plays a significant role at both the national and international market of fresh vegetables. By integration we unite the farmers living in the area and we open new markets for vegetable gardeners.

We pay great attention to agriculture research and development with our strategic partner Multisense Labor Ltd. The result of our collaboration is an algae growing and fertilization technology that would help the farmers to grow their goods more green and healthy.

Ateknea Solutions Hungary helped our consortium in gaining EU funding and also contributes to engineering and development within the project while giving support in marketing and communication.

Zöldségcentrum Ltd

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