Betttair FIWARE Malaga Tech Summit

Join us in Malaga for the FIWARE Tech Summit Nov. 28th and 29th

We’re back at it again! We will be joining the FIWARE Tech Summit this week in Malaga, where we will be demonstrating our innovative air pollution monitoring system; Bettair.

The summit will bring together leading developers, start-ups and companies from the worlds of Smart Cities, Internet of Things and Open Source. The 2 days of presentations, workshops and guest speakers are aimed at sharing the experience and knowledge of the FIWARE community, promoting FIWARE technology and demonstrating its many applications.

Ateknea will be taking part in this exciting event, demonstrating Bettair as a ‘powered by FIWARE’ solution and sharing our experience working with the technology.

An inspiring 3 days at the Smart City Expo World Congress!

It has been an exciting and inspiring 3 days at the Smart City Expo World Congress!

Josep Perelló, managing director of Ateknea Solutions, had the opportunity to present our innovative air quality monitoring solution Bettair, as one of the winners of Call for Solutions. We received interest from many cities and integrators looking to incorporate the benefits Bettair provides, to help them improve the lives of their citizens by effectively applying actions to mitigate air pollution with highly accurate real-time data.

Ateknea and Bettair were featured at 3 different stands throughout the congress thanks to FIWARE, the Generalitat de Catalunya and SCEWC Call for Solutions. We were able to demonstrate the Bettair platform to many cities, representatives and citizens, sharing ideas and making connections with potential clients and partners from around the globe. Ateknea also showcased the technological and business consultancy services we offer to European companies interested in taking their innovations to the next level.

For more information about the other services Ateknea Solutions has to offer and Bettair please visit and

You can also find us at the FIWARE summit later this month in Malaga.


The Smart City Expo World Congress Starts Tomorrow!

Join us tomorrow at the Smart City Expo World Congress where we will be presenting Bettair alongside 680 international exhibitors and more than 700 government representatives from cities, regions and countries from around the world.

As one of the 2017 Call for Solutions’ winners we’ll be kicking off this three day event with a short 10 minute presentation by our Managing Director Josep Perelló. He will presenting Bettair at the Agora stand in the Smart City Plaza along with the other winners of this year’s Call for Solutions from 15:15 – 16:15.

Ateknea and Bettair will also be at the Generalitat de Catalunya’s stand in pavilion 2 stand D-401, the FIWARE stand in pavilion 2 stand B-231 and in The Village at the SCEWC Call for Solutions stand.

Come by the Fira de Barcelona Gran Via from 9:00 to 19:00 Tuesday 14th to Thursday 16th and join us and over 420 top-level thought leaders and industry practitioners from key verticals in discussing the challenges and opportunities we face and how we can contribute to creating the Smart Cities of the future.

Bettair, a Powered by FIWARE Solution at the SCEWC 2017

Ateknea Solutions had the honour of being one of the eight shortlisted Fi-Tech applicants chosen by frontierCities2 to participate in the contracting phase of their accelerator programme.

FrontierCities2 aims to help FIWARE SMEs and Start-ups during their acceleration & incubation processes. This year it provided €1.6 million in grant funding across two Open Call strands (Market Acceleration and Development & Acceleration Grants), to further expand the available FIWARE-enabled smart mobility solutions while broadening into other Smart City areas.

FIWARE is a community of independent individuals and organisations who contribute the FIWARE mission of building “an open sustainable ecosystem around public, royalty-free and implementation-driven software platform standards that will ease the development of new Smart Applications in multiple sectors”. This community dedicated to expanding the technology (the FIWARE platform), while at the same time helping to build a sustainable FIWARE ecosystem over time.

Bettair is proud to be a FIWARE powered solution, contributing to the success and growth of Smart Cities around the world. We will be presenting Bettair at the FIWARE stand (Pavilion 2 Stand B-231) alongside the other innovative Smart City solutions “Powered by FIWARE” at the Smart City Expo World Congress, November 14th-16th at Fira de Barcelona Gran Via.


Bettair will be presented as part of SCEWC 2017 Call for Solutions

The Call for Solutions looks for cutting-edge smart city solutions to showcase at Smart City Expo World Congress Call.

Thanks to our innovative and disruptive technology, Bettair, Ateknea Solutions was selected to be part of the Call for Solutions stand at this year’s SCEWC here in Barcelona.

Bettair is a novel smart city technology that provides a highly efficient and large-scale pollution mapping tool that is low-cost, scalable, flexible and adaptable to any city. It provides them with the insights and information they need to better understand and mitigate pollution.

This disruptive technology is based on accurate low-cost gas sensors that use advanced data post-processing techniques, to provide pollution measuring with an accuracy that is very close to that of traditional and more expensive equipment but for a fraction of the price. In fact, Bettair’s Pearson Correlation is higher than 0.8 compared to traditional AQM equipment. The high accuracy of our solution compared to traditional solutions allows cities to deploy them on a mass scale, creating a dense sensor grid that is able to monitor the entire city at a reasonable price. Bettair also offers cities custom visualization tools to visualize the information gathered from the sensors in a user-friendly and intelligent way. The Air Quality Index (AQI) is calculated using the pollution data collected and presented with the latest GIS visualization tools, all of which is adaptable to the requirements of each city. The information gathered allows cities to create appropriate urban plans for improving air quality and helps them to make better, smarter decisions to mitigate air pollution going forward. The technology has been tested in 11 different countries including Spain, Germany, Belgium, Ireland, Norway, Austria, Serbia, Israel, Slovenia, Czech Republic, and the US.

Come see Bettair in action at the Smart City Expo World Congress, Nov. 14th, 15th and 16th at the Fira de Barcelona Gran Via. You can find us in The Village along with Call for Solutions as well at Pavilion 2 stand D-401 and stand B-231.

Ateknea + Bettair at Smart City Expo World Congress!

Stay on top of the latest urban innovation trends and discussions. Join us and take part in this amazing opportunity to network and do business with decision makers in the smart city sector.

This year Ateknea will be present at 3 different stands throughout the Smart City Expo World Congress, showcasing our latest innovation; Bettair.

We have the honour of being among the SMEs and Startups chosen by the Government of Catalonia to be part of their stand (Generalitat de Catalunya, Pavilion 2 Stand D-401) at SCEWC, thanks to our accomplishments in engineering and our innovative smart air quality sensors that intelligently and accurately measure the air pollution in cities. We were also chosen be part of the SCEWC Call for Solutions stand, one of the stand out attractions of SCEWC, located at the heart of the event in The Village. Finally, thanks to our participation in Frontier Cities 2 Fi-Tech program we will be presenting Bettair at the FIWARE stand as a ‘Powered by FIWARE’ Solution. You can find us there in Pavilion 2 Stand B-231.

Stop by one of our stands to find out more and learn what Ateknea and Bettair can do for you. We’ll see you there!

The partners of FoAM-BUILD concluded the project with a final review meeting

The FoAM-BUILD project has developed thermoplastic particle foam using newly developed raw materials, additives and process set-ups as well as a new system for the prevention of bio-organism growth that occurs at the outer surface of thermo-insulated facades.

A nano-scaled structure was used for the particle foam cell morphology to achieve the targeted insulation behaviour; new polymer blends and nano-scaled nucleating agents in combination with a new high pressure drop rate expansion process were developed to create the nano-cellular foam.

During the project Ateknea Solutions contributed to the development of a new system for the prevention of bio-organism growth. Particularly, Ateknea’s contribution consisted of developing a new facade monitoring solution including both the hardware components and the sensor data acquisition and processing software that controls the system.

The Project successfully concluded on the 31st of August, achieving the following expected results:

  • Test setup for investigation of growth of micro-organisms under dynamic conditions
  • Accelerated base coat commercially available (Alsecco Alsitop SF and Alsecco Armatop X-Press)
  • Field testing of algal/fungal prevention system in Germany and the UK
  • Halogen-free flame retardant low thermal conductivity insulation foam

Ateknea at FI-TECH BootCamp

The frontierCities2 Consortium invited Ateknea Solutions to take part in 2 days of sharing ideas and passion for smart cities and innovation.

Out of the 136 proposals received, 14 applicants were invited to do a video interview, which was the second round of the evaluation process. Following a thorough analysis of the proposals and interview feedback received from the interview panel, the fC2 Selection Board shortlisted 8 FI-TECH applicants who have been invited to the contracting phase. Ateknea had the honour of being one of these eight.

Thank you for this great experience at frontierCities!


Ateknea at IoT Solutions World Congress 2017

Ateknea is among the SMEs and startups that the Government of Catalonia will host at their stand in the IoT Solutions World Congress 2017

The Government of Catalonia will participate in the third edition of the IoT Solutions Wolrd Congress, from the 3rd to the 5th of October, hosting different SMEs and startups at their stand there.

Ateknea, along with its innovative platform, Bettair, will be part of their stand thanks to Ateknea’s accomplishments in engineering and intelligent technology to measure the air quality in cities.

Ateknea Solutions is a leading European engineering company with extensive experience in supporting companies in transforming their ideas and innovative projects into valuable, profitable and feasible market solutions. Ateknea provides engineering services in the IoT domain, offering complete solutions including electronic development (hardware and firmware developments) as well as software development (telecommunications, multi-screen front-end and back-end developments) in different sectors such as Transport, ICT for Health, Agrofood, Industry4.0, Energy, Environment, etc. Ateknea also provides system integrations with Artificial Intelligence techniques such as Expert Systems or Machine Learning techniques. That is to say, Ateknea covers the entire IoT Value Chain including smart devices, networks, platforms, analytics and service provider developments.

In addition, they are now commercializing a very powerful, innovative and unique urban air monitoring system – Bettair – that, for the first time, will truly be able to map air pollution in cities on a scale previously unimaginable. It is based on a large deployment of novel, affordable, and outstandingly accurate gas sensors that use an advanced post-processing algorithm. The information gathered by Bettair will allow cities to make smarter decisions to mitigate air pollution and create appropriate urban plans for enhancing air quality.

If you want to learn more about Ateknea’s innovative product, come and visit them at the Barcelona Activa stand, where you can also find out about the other innovation and technology services that Ateknea Solutions works with.

More information at:

10 Catalan companies specializing in Smart Cities, including Ateknea Solutions, have traveled to New York in search of public tenders, partners, and new clients.

The trip, organized by ACCIÓ, a Spanish Governmental agency, began last Tuesday and ends today, Friday May 5th.

The companies’ agenda included meetings with major American companies in the sector, state-of-the-art technology companies, and public agencies of New York and other municipalities in the area. The objective being to learn about the development of Smart Cities within New York City, which is driving the policy NYC Strategy for Building Smart + Equitable City.

The representatives of the Catalan companies have presented their projects and explored access to public tenders in the region. They also visited the incubator “Urbantech Hub @ GCT”, which specializes in the field of Smart Cities and is the result of collaborations between the City of New York and companies like GE and Microsoft.

Ateknea Solutions is among the 10 participating companies in this mission. Crea Idea LAb, Digalix, Nexus Geographics, Opentrends, Starlab, Talk & Code, Thingtia, We Smart Park and Worldsensing, are among the other companies that have been participating in the activities of the past few days. All of them are specialized in the field of IoT (Internet of Things), big data, business intelligence, geolocation, sensors and urban equipment.

A key sector for the Catalan economy

The mission forms part of ACCIÓ’s strategy to boost the Smart Cities sector in Catalonia. According to a study carried out by ACCIÓ, the Smart Cities sector generates 3% of Spain’s GDP. In fact, there are 270 companies in Spain dedicated specifically to this sector, employing 116.163 workers. Additionally, €6,969 million of the total turnover of these companies comes from their activities related to Smart Cities.