The partners of FoAM-BUILD concluded the project with a final review meeting

The FoAM-BUILD project has developed thermoplastic particle foam using newly developed raw materials, additives and process set-ups as well as a new system for the prevention of bio-organism growth that occurs at the outer surface of thermo-insulated facades.

A nano-scaled structure was used for the particle foam cell morphology to achieve the targeted insulation behaviour; new polymer blends and nano-scaled nucleating agents in combination with a new high pressure drop rate expansion process were developed to create the nano-cellular foam.

During the project Ateknea Solutions contributed to the development of a new system for the prevention of bio-organism growth. Particularly, Ateknea’s contribution consisted of developing a new facade monitoring solution including both the hardware components and the sensor data acquisition and processing software that controls the system.

The Project successfully concluded on the 31st of August, achieving the following expected results:

  • Test setup for investigation of growth of micro-organisms under dynamic conditions
  • Accelerated base coat commercially available (Alsecco Alsitop SF and Alsecco Armatop X-Press)
  • Field testing of algal/fungal prevention system in Germany and the UK
  • Halogen-free flame retardant low thermal conductivity insulation foam

Ateknea at IoT Solutions World Congress 2017

Ateknea is among the SMEs and startups that the Government of Catalonia will host at their stand in the IoT Solutions World Congress 2017

The Government of Catalonia will participate in the third edition of the IoT Solutions Wolrd Congress, from the 3rd to the 5th of October, hosting different SMEs and startups at their stand there.

Ateknea, along with its innovative platform, Bettair, will be part of their stand thanks to Ateknea’s accomplishments in engineering and intelligent technology to measure the air quality in cities.

Ateknea Solutions is a leading European engineering company with extensive experience in supporting companies in transforming their ideas and innovative projects into valuable, profitable and feasible market solutions. Ateknea provides engineering services in the IoT domain, offering complete solutions including electronic development (hardware and firmware developments) as well as software development (telecommunications, multi-screen front-end and back-end developments) in different sectors such as Transport, ICT for Health, Agrofood, Industry4.0, Energy, Environment, etc. Ateknea also provides system integrations with Artificial Intelligence techniques such as Expert Systems or Machine Learning techniques. That is to say, Ateknea covers the entire IoT Value Chain including smart devices, networks, platforms, analytics and service provider developments.

In addition, they are now commercializing a very powerful, innovative and unique urban air monitoring system – Bettair – that, for the first time, will truly be able to map air pollution in cities on a scale previously unimaginable. It is based on a large deployment of novel, affordable, and outstandingly accurate gas sensors that use an advanced post-processing algorithm. The information gathered by Bettair will allow cities to make smarter decisions to mitigate air pollution and create appropriate urban plans for enhancing air quality.

If you want to learn more about Ateknea’s innovative product, come and visit them at the Barcelona Activa stand, where you can also find out about the other innovation and technology services that Ateknea Solutions works with.

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