UrbanWater in EU drive for better water management.

UrbanWater – a project coordinated by Ateknea – has been included in an EU-wide initiative for better water management using ICT.

The European Commission, calling for better use of water information systems to measure water quality and quantity as well as promoting new methods for water recycling and reuse processes, has brought together a range of projects from FP7 and Horizon 2020 programmes in a bid to raise awareness and tackle these water challenges.

The ICT4WATER ‘cluster’ comprises 15 projects that place ICT at the heart of water management efficiency and address many of the drawbacks both suppliers (water utility companies) and consumers (households) face in water management. 

UrbanWater, is an innovative modular ICT system for water utility companies to smooth water consumption peaks through adaptive pricing. It also engages ever more conscious consumers to better monitor their water consumption and incorporates state-of-the-art technology to deliver:

  • Advanced metering solutions
  • Real-time communication of consumption data
  • New data management for water demand forecasting and
  • Consumption patter interpretation.

UrbanWater is currently  under the validation phase. Three pilot tests are being carried out with established water utility companies in Almería (Spain), Algarve (Portugal) and Jonnovice (Czech Republic) with over 100 households set to test the system.

The ICT4WATER promotional video featuring UrbanWater can be found below.



For more information on UrbanWater visit www.urbanwater.eu or contact elisenda.lamana@ateknea.com