• Web applications: From Backend APIs to Frontend, offering a trendy and professional design.
  • Microservices: Flexible and independent deployment of applications with better scalability.
  • Integration platforms: Development of middleware for communicating heterogeneous services.
  • IoT platforms: Monitor whatever you need and visualize data – 2 history, create alarm configurations, and generate custom data from
    different data sources.
  • Data repositories: Relational and non-relational databases. Time series databases.
  • Industrial and enterprise solutions: Remote industrial monitoring. Industrial integration. Data Warehousing. Business intelligence solutions.
  • Technologies: HTML5, Javascript, ExtJS, Angular, ReactJS, VueJS. NodeJS, NET, Java, JSP, Python, PHP, Spring Framework, Django, Apache, NGINX, Thrift, Docker, RabbitMQ, etc.


  • Native applications: Android and iOS native apps development with Swift, Objective-C, and Java.
  • Integration with devices: Integration with external devices using Bluetooth 4.0, Bluetooth Classic, WiFi and Serial communication.
  • Gateway for IoT solutions: Retrieve data from external devices and synchronise with cloud platforms using MQTT or HTTPS calls.
  • Secure storage: Data encryption and keys storage in a secure location.
  • UX & responsive design: User interface development for mobile usage, based on UX concepts.
  • Firmware update Over-the-Air solutions: Wireless firmware devices update using Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity.
  • High performance algorithms: Data processing using C++ algorithms integrated in Android and iOS apps.


  • Expert systems & recommenders: Software to simulate the problem-solving behaviour of an expert.
  • Optimisation problems: Algorithms for optimizing the performance of industrial processes.
  • Data analysis for big data: Statistical analysis of sensor data for data estimation, data forecasting, the creation of data
    clusters, & data classification.
  • Semantic analysis and natural language processin (NLP): Software to analyse, understand, summarize, and generate
    human language.


  • Controlling processes: Industrial robots, autonomous vehicles, quality control, process automation.
  • Detecting events: Surveillance, perimeter protection, people counting, traffic control, access control.
  • Organization information: Indexing databases of images or sequences, automated classification.
  • Modelling objects or environments: Industrial inspection, medical imaging, topographical modelling, non-invasive and
    remote sensing.
  • Image analysis: Detect image defects, inspect image contents.