Ateknea high quality rate in proposals

Ateknea Solutions has achieved high levels of quality in proposals submitted to the European Commission, increasing its clients’ chances of obtaining EU funds for innovation and business activities. Read more

Clampit welding project successfully completed

CLAMPIT – a design software for welding clamps in metal work – has come to a successful close after a 2-year R&D project cycle.

Elevated temperatures and external forces during welding processes often cause materials to deform and distort, rendering the material unsuitable for use. This in turn leads to increased manufacturing costs, material waste and lost time adding more burdens to European metal-working companies.

The European welding industry in a nutshell:

  • added value estimated at €86 million;
  • represents 6% of the whole production sector;
  • employs over 2 million people.

With the support of EU funding, the Clampit project has developed a high-end decision support system to automate clamping design calculations for SMEs in the welding business.

The system uses computer-aided design to determine the optimal distribution of clamping points and clamping forces for a given weldment configuration based on previous welding works stored in the software’s knowledge base thus helping the system to learn from each weld.

Furthermore, Clampit includes a fast and efficient distortion prediction module incorporating low-stress, no-distortion technology. As a result, it cuts costs and time while increasing the performance of welding fixtures and product quality by reducing engineers’ margins for error.

The two-year long Clampit project was coordinated by Ateknea Solutions Hungary with the participation of Boluda División Industrial S.I (Spain), Barida Makina Ltd. (Turkey), Nemetschek Ltd. (Bulgaria), PRVÁ ZVÁRACSKÁ (Slovakia), TWI Limited Ltd. (UK), Robotec (Slovakia) and Intern Kft. (Hungary). The project was co-funded by the European Union’s Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP7).

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