A smart sensor to measure the level of gas in butane bottles

Butano24 is a Catalan company that now ranks as one of the top Internet of Things (IoT) companies worldwide thanks to the innovative technology for their butane sensor developed by Ateknea Solutions Europe. Two demonstrators were displayed at the latest Mobile Wold Congress 2017, held this March in Barcelona. One demonstrator used NBIoT and the other one used LORA integrated by Flex. This innovation and the recognition received by the technology at the Mobile World Congress have ensured the company’s emergence as a strong player in Internet of Things.

Butano24 modernizes the process of demand for butane. The device uses a smart sensor to measure the level of gas in butane bottles and informs users via a mobile application when the butane is running low. The app also allows users to place orders online, quickly and from anywhere. At the same time, butane distributors are more in touch with the needs of their customers and can use data offered by Butano24 to analyse the buying patterns and consumption habits of their users.

Butano24 also works with other types of gas and can measure levels in all types of barrels, tanks and other gas and liquid containers.

Butano24 has received good reviews from the international press, which even listed Butano24 as one of the most “innovative” companies in the IoT sector and as well as its device as one of the six “most outstanding technologies at MWC 2017”.