• Complete Product Development: We offer a complete product development process, from designing your product to
    manufacturing it to be ready for market entry.
  • Integrated Development: We are experts in integrating hardware and developing firmware to provide a complete solution.
  • Embedded Systems: We are able to integrate from basic microcontrollers with limited functionalities to Linux/Android-based
    processors for your product.
  • Quality & Certifications: We follow best practice in engineering (V-model) to ensure the high quality of our products. Furthermore,
    we support our client in passing all EMC and required certificationsto facilitate market entry.


  • Bluetooth: Custom Design connected devices based either on Classic Bluetooth or Bluetooth Low Energy.
  • GMS/GPRS/3G/LTE: Mobile communication networks are vastly used to transmit voice & data services.
  • GNSS/DGPS/RTK: Development of LBS applications based on satellite navigation technologies.
  • WiFi/WiMAX: Wireless networks providing data links to transmit a variety of services.
  • SIGFOX: Communication solutions (private) to transmit a variety of services.
  • PLC: Power Line Communications provide high-rate connectivity using existing wires (AC or DC).
  • Femtocells: Development of Femtocells-based applications to provide radio mobile coverage at low cost and with lightweight devices.
  • LoRa: Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) RF technology used in LPWANs for M2M and IoT
  • NarrowBand IoT (NB-IoT): Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) radio technology standardized by the 3GGP


  • Motion and movement: Accelerometers and gyroscope providing 9-dimension information about acceleration and orientation of the device.
  • Human machine-interface: Sensors to interact with the product and technology such as touch or proximity sensors.
  • Medical sensors: Oximetry and Pulse sensors based on photoplethysmography (PPG) techniques can provide information about oxygen levels and pulse in wearable products.
  • Ultrasonic sensors: Ultrasound sensing technologies are used in biomedical applications (echography), motion and position sensors, sonar systems, material characterisation, defect detection, and many other applications.


  • Power Architecture: Defining the power architecture of a system is critical to ensure minimum consumption and maximum efficiency.
  • Battery Management: The need for protection and ensured safety while charging and managing battery use are key features for battery-based systems.
  • Wireless Power: Wireless power is able to charge batteries without the need for a wired connection, making this solution ideal for the consumer and environmental fields.
  • Energy Harvesting: Obtaining energy from solar or other sources such as RF or motion.