New Born Solutions & Ateknea: SME Instrument funding success!

New Born Solutions and Ateknea Solutions work together to democratize healthcare in Europe.

Great news from Brussels! We are happy to announce that New Born Solutions, a Barcelona-based startup dedicated to saving lives and democratizing healthcare via cost-effective technology that detects superficial body fluid infections without needles, has been approved for SME Instrument Phase 1 funding.

With the help of Ateknea’s H2020 expertise, New Born Solutions’ latest development, Neosonics, the first non-invasive screening device designed to early detection and monitoring infant meningitis, has received €50,000 in funding after the European Commission gave their technology the go-ahead in late April.

The Neosonics solution is innovative, simple, and revolutionary.  

There are an estimated 165 million infants at risk of meningitis each year.

Where current practice dictates that a white blood cell count be taken from a child’s spinal fluid through a lumbar puncture (which immediately triggers the need for more medication irrespective of the diagnostic results), Neosonics uses high-resolution ultrasound to non-invasively count the white blood cell in the cerebrospinal fluid below the infant’s fontanel, the region of the head where the bones are not yet closed.

It means an early diagnosis can be quickly made in a cost-effective and non-invasive way, decreasing current complications to rule out the disease in industrialized countries and infant mortality rates, especially in developing countries. By enabling early and non-invasive detection, it could vastly reduce the amount of patients with life-long disabilities and provide quantitative and reliable data for monitoring patients’ treatment response.

We at Ateknea are excited to continue working with New Born Solutions, and to see Neosonics through to the market.

Industrial Technical Engineer (Automation)

We are looking for a qualified Industrial Technical Engineer (or with a degree), specialized in industrial electronics (automation and control), to support projects that needs PLC programming (SIEMENS, Beckoff) and SCADA applications (Indsoft, WinCC).

The selected candidate will join the Industrial Processes department. This department covers a wide variety of specialities within Industrial Engineering, including: mechanical engineering, environmental and processes engineering, and electrical and automation engineering.

Some of the services that we offer include: Design and development of products, industrialization of the product, rapid prototyping, testing of creation processes, design and optimization of industrial processes (design and review of P&ID), total industrial automation, electronic design of industrial machinery, among others.

The ideal candidate shall have:

  • Three or more years in a similar position
  • A degree in technical engineering, or computer engineering, specialized in industrial electronics
  • Programming experience to IEC 61131-3 standard. We work with the structured text format.
  • Programming and configuration of frequency controllers
  • Step by step programming of servos and motors
  • Protocols TCB ModBus, RTU Modbus, Ethernet IP, etc.
  • Written and spoken English

We offer:

  • A unique experience working in an international, dynamic and growing group in science, technology and industry.
  • On the job training and participation in workshops to achieve the tasks above.
  • Flexible working hours and a competitive salary with other benefits.
  • Possibility of remote working once or twice a week
  • Language courses
  • Snacks and drinks

Does this sound appealing?

We encourage candidates to participate in our recruitment process. Please apply by sending your CV to


Industrial Technical Engineer – LINKEDIN