Ateknea high quality rate in proposals

Ateknea Solutions has achieved high levels of quality in proposals submitted to the European Commission, increasing its clients’ chances of obtaining EU funds for innovation and business activities.

Clampit welding project successfully completed

CLAMPIT – a design software for welding clamps in metal work – has come to a successful close after a 2-year R&D project cycle. Elevated temperatures and external forces during welding processes often cause materials to deform and distort, rendering the material unsuitable for use. This in turn leads to increased manufacturing costs, material waste […]

UrbanWater in EU drive for better water management.

UrbanWater – a project coordinated by Ateknea – has been included in an EU-wide initiative for better water management using ICT. The European Commission, calling for better use of water information systems to measure water quality and quantity as well as promoting new methods for water recycling and reuse processes, has brought together a range […]

Citizenergy Platform

A greener Europe depends on us

Today and tomorrow Ateknea Solutions is attending the conference on technology challenges and regional approaches for integrating renewables and energy security. The #EUTechRES Conference has been organised by the EU’s Directorate-General for Energy in Brussels. To accomplish its transition to a low-carbon society by 2050, the EU has adopted a set of intermediate climate and energy […]

TU Wien Phenolive

Olives to heat rooms

Ateknea’s experts have visited the facilities of the Vienna University of Technology and Repotec –a leading company specialised in gasification– to see the advancements on the production of thermal energy and electricity from biomass. Engineers in Austrian capital have been testing the suitability of exhausted olive pomace as fuel for gasification under the Phenolive initiative […]

Divineverse Ateknea Lisbon 2015

Ateknea in global genetics scheme for winegrowers

Today, Ateknea Solutions is at the heart of cutting-edge genetics for food and agriculture. Our representative Dr. Encarnação is attending the first DI(VINE)VERSE International Meeting in Lisbon. This initiative –including a professional seminar with the vitiviniculture and biotechnology communities– has the support of a network of multidisciplinary EU and US organisations covering the entire value […]